Strategic Business Accounts Planning

Invite only offer for a comprehensive review of your Facebook ads account. Note: No software tools. An honest deep-dive by real experts.

Results & Benefits

Once we provide the detailed report and recommendations – you can implement the changes easily. We often see a reduction in wasted ad spend between 25-50%. Get the peace and quiet knowing that your ad investments are working again!

Benefit #1

Targeting is a major reason why Facebook ads don't work. You'll get our targeting recommendations and why.

Benefit #2

Get better audience messaging and clarity with your demographics, psycho-graphics and techno-graphics. Maximize performance from your ads, and see how better hooks and offers drive more leads into your business.

Benefit #3

Discover the right bidding and campaign objectives, and squeeze maximum returns, profitably.

Benefit #4

Get a complete picture of your tracking systems: pixels, analytics and conversion points from funnels. Find the best custom audiences so you can get more sales. We include a complete tracking system you can use.

Trusted Experts

We have been running Facebook ads since 2012, and have spent over a decade building ad campaigns, content and funnel frameworks to help drive more qualified traffic and leads. 

Raving Fans

We love great feedback! Here are some of them – in their own words:

On top of superb results, Jon is a first-class human being who cares about the people he works with. Jon and his team will go above and beyond to make sure clients have the support and guidance they need to win long term.

He's a trusted partner to grow your business rapidly and profitably with paid ads.
Jason Hornung
President, JH MEDIA
Jon is a class act. If you are looking to grow your business with someone who is not only an EXPERT and master at lead generation, but a good guy as well, look no further.

Jon pulls from his vast knowledge from all things SEO - to Facebook marketing and makes it his sole focus to get you results.
Ben Stocks
Founder, Ben Stocks Marketing
Jon is the real O.G. of digital marketing!

He is an expert consultant, author of 3 books at Entrepreneur and an engaging speaker.

Follow Jon and learn from his creative strategies, so you can get more leads and sales into your business.
Dennis Yu

Facebook Ads Audit PRO

Our comprehensive audit report and Skype recording from our senior FB ad experts


Here are the most common questions we get about the audit.

Can't I do this myself?

Yes, you can. And, you probably already have. If it’s been working for you, then you don’t need this. Can you review your own ads and get results? Many can’t.

What Can I Expect ?

You’ll receive a detailed, in-depth document with comments, recommendations and screenshots. Plus, you get a Zoom Meeting with full recording for viewing.

Can you Also Audit my Google ads?

We’ve been running Google Ads (Adwords) since 2007, and we’re certified in Search, Display & YouTube.

Facebook Ads coupled with Google Ads builds diversity into your advertising planning. Book a Google Call Here.

What if It's not what I expected?

Our Facebook Audit PRO review is 100% guaranteed. 

If you don’t get measurable results in the first 14 days of implementing our recommendations, we’ll send your money back. (Our deep-dive, detailed audit can and will change your business. We stand by it, 100%!).


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