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7 Local SEO Tips for Your Small Business

The Internet is constantly getting more competitive and high, non-local organic search engine rankings are harder to achieve.

The new “3-pack” from Google has made things even more competitive. There are even less screen real estate in the local Google maps than before. (It used to be the 7-pack, not too long ago).

But for many businesses, especially small businesses that target their local markets, the most relevant forms of traffic come from local search.

What can you do?

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local seo tips small business marketing

1. Use keywords to target local areas

Targeting a local market can make Google local SEO go a long way, especially since high rankings in local search are much less competitive.

For example, contractors targeting keyword phrases such as “general contractor” will have to compete with virtually every other English-speaking general contractor in the world, while businesses targeting “elkhart general contractor” will only have to compete with general contractors in Elkhart who happen to own a website and are actively trying to SEO optimize their websites.

TIP: Adding location & local phone numbers modifiers that describe your keywords and pages better, tend to have a higher conversion rate as well.

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